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As part of its plan to deliver long-term sustainable transportation and better transit, the Province of Ontario created the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority on April 24, 2006. Now known as Metrolinx, it was created to play a critical role in planning and delivering a seamless, integrated transit network allowing people to use public transit to travel easily within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).


The development in 2008 of a Regional Transportation Plan, The Big Move, was instrumental in identifying that the province’s transit and transportation problems are regional in nature and cross municipal boundaries. In 2009, Metrolinx merged with GO Transit, the regional public transit service. The organization grew further with the addition of two more operating divisions – the Union Pearson (UP) Express in 2010 and PRESTO in 2011. In 2013, construction began on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, which will run a 19-kilometre light-rail line across the city. The project is set to be complete in 2021.


For all procurements an award notice is posted on the Metrolinx MERX Portal after Contract Execution.


Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
PT-2020-BUSF-268 : Snow and Ice Removal at Various Bus Facilities Southern Ontario, CAN 11-May-2021 02-Jun-2021
RFI-2021-CMBD-074:Expression Of Interest (EOI): General Partnership, Sponsorship Southern Ontario, CAN 07-May-2021 07-Jul-2021
PT-2020-WFOW-261: Pest Removal Svcs - Metrolinx Rail Facilities & Bus Facilities Southern Ontario, CAN 07-May-2021 31-May-2021
PT-2021-RCDV-276: Engineering Svcs: Construction Supervision, Field Admin - Bala Southern Ontario, CAN 05-May-2021 28-May-2021
RQQ-2020-ERNB-483: Technical Advisory Services for Milton GO Station Southern Ontario, CAN 30-Apr-2021 26-May-2021
PT-2019-CMLE-789: KitchenerCorridorExpansion: Phase I Rail Track,Signals,StnWork Southern Ontario, CAN 30-Apr-2021 04-Jun-2021
RQQ-2020-PPDD-512:Study Future Pedestrian Movement Patterns Union Station 2041 Southern Ontario, CAN 29-Apr-2021 21-May-2021
RFP-2021-ITIN-272: Provision of Customer Relationship Management System Southern Ontario, CAN 27-Apr-2021 09-Jun-2021
PTM-2021-ITIN-082: Supply and Delivery of LCD 55” Outdoor Display Monitors Southern Ontario, CAN 27-Apr-2021 12-May-2021
RFP-2020-PROC-253 : Supply and Delivery of Accessible Minibus Transit Vehicles Southern Ontario, CAN 19-Apr-2021 31-May-2021
RFI-2020-CMBD-073: BILLBOARD DEVELOPMENT Southern Ontario, CAN 01-Apr-2021 21-Jun-2021
RFP-2020-ITIN-263: Provision of Marketing Automation and On The Go Alerts System Southern Ontario, CAN 01-Apr-2021 13-May-2021
RFI-2020-CMBD-071:Digital Signage Development On Metrolinx Bridges Southern Ontario, CAN 08-Mar-2021 07-Jun-2021
RFI-2020-CMBD-069: PRESTO PAYMENT & RELATED MARKETING PARTNERSHIPS Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Mar-2021 30-Dec-2021
RFI-2019-CMBD-041: Station Naming Rights Opportunity Southern Ontario, CAN 01-Aug-2019 28-Oct-2021
There are no open solicitations at this time.
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In order to do business with Metrolinx and access a wide range of tender opportunities, vendors must register with MERX. All Metrolinx tender information and documents (electronic or hard copy) are now available exclusively through MERX 4, either for a flat, per-opportunity access fee or on an annual membership fee basis.

Metrolinx has implemented a Vendor Performance Management Program (“VPM”) to monitor, evaluate, and record vendor performance metrics. The program utilizes the data collected to calculate and assign a Vendor Performance Rating (“VPR”) in a given category of work to each of Metrolinx’s contracted vendors. A Vendor’s VPR and past performance among other factors shall be utilized as criteria in assessing a vendor’s capability and capacity to bid on future opportunities with Metrolinx. Click on Metrolinx Vendor Relationship (VRM) Guidelines and Procedures to obtain detailed information on Metrolinx’s VRM Program.

All Metrolinx tender documents posted on MERX 4 are currently available in English. Basic information on publicly tendered projects will also be available in French. If you wish to obtain information about our tenders in French, please call 416-869-3600.

Metrolinx Procurement Services goes to market with hundreds of tenders for various goods and services per year. It adheres to its Procurement policy and procedures, which are designed to ensure protection of the public interest. The procurement strategies, processes and procedures utilized are based on industry best practices and reflect the latest in tendering and contract case law. As a public organization, Metrolinx prides itself on maximizing competitive bidding by qualified vendors through a fair, open, and transparent procurement process.