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Titre de l’appel d’offres Emplacement Date de publication Date d’adjudication
PT-2019-RBEX-780: For the Provision of HVAC Filters to Various Bus Facilities S. Ontario, CAN 18-juil.-2019 22-août-2019
PT-2019-RCDV-709: For the Supply,Delivery and Unloading of Turnouts S. Ontario, CAN 17-avr.-2019 10-juil.-2019
PT-2018-STNS-690:For the provision of Fire Protection Equipment Services S. Ontario, CAN 23-avr.-2019 20-juin-2019
PT-2019-RBEX-695:For the Supply and Delivery of Defibriliators (AED) Units S. Ontario, CAN 01-avr.-2019 16-mai-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-726:For the Supply and Delivery of Software License for Cloud Base S. Ontario, CAN 10-avr.-2019 13-mai-2019
RQQ-2018-ECDV-260:VOR and 2nd Stage Agreement for Archaeological Services S. Ontario, CAN 20-déc.-2018 06-mai-2019
PT-2018-CINF-595:Weston Station Improvements S. Ontario, CAN 10-janv.-2019 03-mai-2019
RQQ-2018-ECDV-266:For Preparatory Works for the ON Corridor Vegetation Removal S. Ontario, CAN 13-déc.-2018 30-avr.-2019
PT-2019-STNS-694:For the Provision of Landscaping Services for GO Stations S. Ontario, CAN 14-mars-2019 29-avr.-2019
RQQ-2018-ECDV-248:Natural Heritage Consulting Services on an Emergent Basis S. Ontario, CAN 12-oct.-2018 24-avr.-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-721:For the Provision of Varonis Software Support and Mtce S. Ontario, CAN 22-mars-2019 23-avr.-2019
RFP-2018-RBEX-115:For Consultant Assignment for the LEAN Coaching Services S. Ontario, CAN 19-déc.-2018 18-avr.-2019
PT-2019-BUSF-714:For the Supply and Delivery of Ricon WCL Parts S. Ontario, CAN 18-mars-2019 17-avr.-2019
PT-2018-ITIN-718:For the Supply and Delivery of Cisco Network Hardware Equipment S. Ontario, CAN 19-mars-2019 12-avr.-2019
RFP-2017-CBA-064: Design Build Construction of Barrie Rail Corridor S. Ontario, CAN 30-avr.-2018 05-avr.-2019
PT-2018-WFOW-668:for Semi-Annual Clean out of Trenches and Sump Pits,PM Bays S. Ontario, CAN 19-févr.-2019 28-mars-2019
PT-2018-ITOP-705:For the provision of Symantec E-mail Safeguard Cloud & Renewal S. Ontario, CAN 01-mars-2019 26-mars-2019
PT-2018-ITIN-699:For the Provision of Cisco Network Equipment for Fare System S. Ontario, CAN 22-févr.-2019 22-mars-2019
PTC-2018-CINF-005:Consultancy,Design,Construction, Admin,Mimico,Midland Yards S. Ontario, CAN 21-sept.-2018 03-mars-2019
PT-2018-BUSF-674:For the Supply and Delivery Of New Meritor Kits for MCI D4500 S. Ontario, CAN 07-févr.-2019 01-mars-2019
PT-2018-ITOP-672:For the Provision of Cisco Interactive Experience Client 4650 S. Ontario, CAN 01-févr.-2019 28-févr.-2019
RQQ-2018-1w-207:Engineering Consulting on Emergent Basis for Central Region S. Ontario, CAN 16-juil.-2018 15-févr.-2019
RQQ-2017-VM-180:Sourcing Strategy Services on an Emergent Basis S. Ontario, CAN 12-sept.-2018 11-févr.-2019
PT-2017-CUS-345: Union Station New Emergency Generator S. Ontario, CAN 29-août-2018 11-févr.-2019
PT-2018-BUSF-646:Supply and Delivery of Air-dryer Bendix AD-IP S. Ontario, CAN 20-déc.-2018 08-févr.-2019
PT-2018-ITPA-660:For the Supply and delivery of IPAM Project Software S. Ontario, CAN 08-janv.-2019 07-févr.-2019
PT-2018-ITOP-664 For the provision of Cisco Cube Routers S. Ontario, CAN 11-janv.-2019 07-févr.-2019
PT-2018-ITIN-656:For the Supply and Replacement of Cisco Network Core Switches S. Ontario, CAN 19-déc.-2018 06-févr.-2019
RQQ-2018-1w-208:Consulting Firm for Engineering Services Emergent Projects S. Ontario, CAN 20-juil.-2018 05-févr.-2019
PT-2018-STNS-661:Rehabilitation of South Access Tunnel at Whitby GO Station S. Ontario, CAN 02-janv.-2019 01-févr.-2019
PT-2018-ITIN-658:For the Supply of Cabinet Door Locks for Oakville Data Centre S. Ontario, CAN 13-déc.-2018 21-janv.-2019
PT-2018-WFOW-620: Provision of Stormwater Sampling Services @ Mimico Layover S. Ontario, CAN 28-nov.-2018 21-janv.-2019
RQQ-2018-ITIN-222: For the provision of temporary I&IT Project Management Office S. Ontario, CAN 09-juil.-2018 18-janv.-2019
RQQ-2018-ITIN-221:Temp I&IT Solution Delivery Emergent Basis S. Ontario, CAN 09-juil.-2018 18-janv.-2019
PT-2018-BUSF-659:Supply & Delivery of Meritor Wheel Bearings to MX Fleet S. Ontario, CAN 17-déc.-2018 18-janv.-2019
PT-2018-ITIN-651: Supply & delivery of Cisco Network Equipment for Don Yard S. Ontario, CAN 07-déc.-2018 17-janv.-2019
RQQ-2018-ITIN-220:Planning and Architecture Staff Augmentation Resources S. Ontario, CAN 09-juil.-2018 17-janv.-2019
PT-2018-WFOW-599:Internal Tank Audit of Tank Farm (Willowbrook) S. Ontario, CAN 02-nov.-2018 15-janv.-2019
RQQ-2018-HR-197*: Provision of Communication Training for Metrolinx S. Ontario, CAN 23-juil.-2018 14-janv.-2019
RQQ-2018-ITIN-223:For the Provision of Temporary I&IT Operations Resources S. Ontario, CAN 09-juil.-2018 09-janv.-2019
RQQ-2017-BI-126, Engineering Service Office Expansion at Aberfoyle Bus Facility S. Ontario, CAN 31-mai-2018 09-janv.-2019
PT-2018-SADV-616: Provision of First Aid Training for All Metrolinx Employees S. Ontario, CAN 06-nov.-2018 07-janv.-2019
RQQ-2018-PPDD-244:Consultant’s Services Preliminary Design and EA/TPAP S. Ontario, CAN 28-août-2018 07-janv.-2019
PT-2018-BUSF-580:For Delivery of long-life Coolant to Various GO Bus Facilities S. Ontario, CAN 13-nov.-2018 04-janv.-2019
PT-2018-BUSF-648:Supply&Deliver,Bendix Air Dryers&Spares to MX Fleet Facilities S. Ontario, CAN 03-déc.-2018 03-janv.-2019
PT-2018-STNS-557:For Building Automation and Control Upgrades at Hamilton Stn S. Ontario, CAN 24-sept.-2018 27-déc.-2018
PT-2018-BUSF-621: Supply,Delivery & Unload,Industrial Shop Hardware S. Ontario, CAN 22-nov.-2018 27-déc.-2018
RQQ-2017-HR-174*:Provision of Leadership Training for Metrolinx S. Ontario, CAN 23-juil.-2018 17-déc.-2018
PT-2018-RBEX-614: Snow and Ice Removal at the Whitby Maintenance Facility S. Ontario, CAN 15-oct.-2018 14-déc.-2018
RQQ-2018-ITIN-242:ERP Staff Augmentation on an Emergent Basis S. Ontario, CAN 28-août-2018 05-déc.-2018
PT-2017-1w-434: Construction for Whitby Driver's Washroom S. Ontario, CAN 17-oct.-2018 29-nov.-2018
PT-2018-BUSF-626:Supply & Delivery of (1) Electric 32' Aerial Scissor Lift S. Ontario, CAN 30-oct.-2018 27-nov.-2018
PT-2018-SADV-609: Provision of Training Services for JHSC Members S. Ontario, CAN 24-oct.-2018 27-nov.-2018
PT-2018-STNS-576:Pedestrian Bridge Replacement at Clarkson GO S. Ontario, CAN 02-oct.-2018 23-nov.-2018
PT-2017-NFE-331:Lighting Retrofit at Willowbrook Rail Maintenance Facility S. Ontario, CAN 19-juil.-2018 12-nov.-2018
PT-2018-ER-498: Snow & Ice Control @ Aurora GO & Fortecon Maintenance Facility S. Ontario, CAN 26-juil.-2018 05-nov.-2018
PT-2018-STNS-581: Snow and Ice Control at Clarkson GO Station S. Ontario, CAN 11-sept.-2018 05-nov.-2018
PT-2018-STNS-574: Snow & Ice Control at Lincolnville GO S. Ontario, CAN 09-août-2018 30-oct.-2018
PT-2018-WR-516:Snow Ice Control,Landscaping,Grimbsy,420/Stanley Park & Ride S. Ontario, CAN 22-août-2018 18-oct.-2018
PT-2017-TI-327: Supply, Deliver, Unload Concrete Ties @ Various Locations S. Ontario, CAN 05-avr.-2018 31-juil.-2018
PT-2018-OS-489, Supply and Delivery of and Offloading of New Superlo Bus Tires S. Ontario, CAN 04-juin-2018 25-juil.-2018
PT-2017-TI-405: Supply , Delivery and Unloading of New Hardwood Ties S. Ontario, CAN 12-avr.-2018 24-juil.-2018
PT-2018-OS-488:Sale of Scrap metal from Various Bus Facilities S. Ontario, CAN 11-juin-2018 11-juil.-2018
RQQ-2017-BI-032 - Emergent Engineering Serv. for the Conversion of Scalators S. Ontario, CAN 30-oct.-2017 13-juin-2018
PT-2017-OS-318: Fire System Inspections and Services at Various Bus Facilities S. Ontario, CAN 19-mars-2018 06-juin-2018
RQQ-2017-VM-148: PRESTO Cash Collection Services S. Ontario, CAN 02-janv.-2018 22-mai-2018
RQQ-2017-IT-038:Consulting Services for Enterprise Documents & Records Mgmt Serv S. Ontario, CAN 21-juil.-2017 20-avr.-2018
RQQ-2017-IT-026: CONSULTING SERVICES FOR I&IT CSRM PROGRAM S. Ontario, CAN 19-juin-2017 04-avr.-2018
PT-2017-CR-323: Provision of Plumbing Repairs on an Emergent Basis S. Ontario, CAN 11-janv.-2018 22-févr.-2018
PT-2017-RAD-309:UPS System for Radio Tower Sites & Coverage Enhancement Upgrade S. Ontario, CAN 17-janv.-2018 22-févr.-2018
PT-2017-CBA-047: Parking Lot Expansion at East Gwillimbury GO Station S. Ontario, CAN 12-sept.-2017 13-févr.-2018
RQQ-2016-IT-079: Consultant’s Services for Facilities Asset Assessment S. Ontario, CAN 10-mars-2017 20-déc.-2017
PT-2016-RFA-183: JANITORIAL SERVICE FOR PM3&4 SHOP AREAS AND OFFICES (91 JUDSON) S. Ontario, CAN 01-mai-2017 03-août-2017
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