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PT-2019-IFSS-918 : Supply and Delivery of CCTV Spare Parts S. Ontario, CAN 21-janv.-2020 14-févr.-2020
PT-2019-ITIN-916: Provision of VMware Licenses S. Ontario, CAN 13-janv.-2020 12-févr.-2020
PTM-2019-RSDV-022: Supply and Delivery of Kenwood VHF Radios & Ancillary Equip. S. Ontario, CAN 21-janv.-2020 11-févr.-2020
RQQ-2019-PDEA-362 : VOR + 2nd Stage: Urban Design, Landscape, Sustainable Design S. Ontario, CAN 05-nov.-2019 31-janv.-2020
PTM-2019-ITIN-018:Supply & Delivery of EUC Devices and Cables for Bay Concourse S. Ontario, CAN 17-déc.-2019 30-janv.-2020
PTM-2019-ITIN-016:Provision of Load Balancer for USBT Delivery S. Ontario, CAN 06-déc.-2019 17-janv.-2020
RQQ-2019-PROB-356:VOR + 2nd Stage for Development of Design Standards S. Ontario, CAN 29-oct.-2019 17-janv.-2020
PT-2019-ITIN-889 : Provision of NEC Indoor 48” Monitors and Inserts S. Ontario, CAN 02-déc.-2019 16-janv.-2020
PTM-2019-ITOP-011 : Supply and Delivery of Autodesk Products Renewal S. Ontario, CAN 16-déc.-2019 15-janv.-2020
RQQ-2019-SBPD-345: Provision of Broker Services for Metrolinx Insurance Program S. Ontario, CAN 14-nov.-2019 14-janv.-2020
PT-2019-RCDV-784:Provision,Regulatory RailFlaw & Track Geometry Testing Services S. Ontario, CAN 20-août-2019 13-janv.-2020
PT-2019-ITIN-896: The provision of Compute and Storage for USBT Delivery S. Ontario, CAN 03-déc.-2019 10-janv.-2020
PTM-2019-ITOP-008:Provision of Toad for Oracle Maintenance Renewal S. Ontario, CAN 16-déc.-2019 10-janv.-2020
PT-2019-ITIN-909: Supply and Delivery of Microsoft Enterprise Software Licenses S. Ontario, CAN 25-nov.-2019 31-déc.-2019
PT-2019-STNS-855: Provision of Electrical Upgrades at Ajax GO Station S. Ontario, CAN 05-nov.-2019 30-déc.-2019
PT-2019-WFOW-895 : Supply Electrical Contactors for Milton Layover S. Ontario, CAN 26-nov.-2019 27-déc.-2019
PTM-2019-BUSF-015:Suppl.&Deliv. of Specialty Chemicals to Various Bus Facilities S. Ontario, CAN 26-nov.-2019 20-déc.-2019
RFP-2019-POPD-136:Car Matching and Trip Tracking Tool S. Ontario, CAN 15-mai-2019 18-déc.-2019
RQQ-2019-RCSC-295: Rail Traffic Control Support Services-FaultControl,BackOffice S. Ontario, CAN 21-août-2019 16-déc.-2019
PT-2019-SBPD-877: Provision of Research & Knowledge Base Website S. Ontario, CAN 11-nov.-2019 11-déc.-2019
PT-2019-RBEX-833: Provision & Installation of Electric Bus Power Feeds S. Ontario, CAN 21-oct.-2019 09-déc.-2019
PTM-2019-ITIN-012: Supply and delivery Ipads and Otterbox Defender Series Case S. Ontario, CAN 18-nov.-2019 06-déc.-2019
PT-2019-RSDV-861:Inspections,Maintenance & Emergent Services: Standby Generators S. Ontario, CAN 23-oct.-2019 27-nov.-2019
PT-2019-ITIN-845: Provision of Driver Turrets for USBT delivery S. Ontario, CAN 29-oct.-2019 22-nov.-2019
PT-2019-RBEX-836: Provision of Concrete Paving at Brampton Bus Facility S. Ontario, CAN 30-sept.-2019 22-nov.-2019
PT-2019-ITIN-844 : Provision of Drivers Intercom for USBT delivery S. Ontario, CAN 29-oct.-2019 22-nov.-2019
PT-2019-ITIN-846:Provision of PA system for USBT delivery S. Ontario, CAN 29-oct.-2019 22-nov.-2019
PT-2019-BUSF-805: Supply & Delivery of Bus Maintenance Protective Gear & Equip. S. Ontario, CAN 29-août-2019 21-nov.-2019
RQQ-2019-BMSP-326: Vendor of Record(VOR) for “Business Case Development Service" S. Ontario, CAN 09-sept.-2019 21-nov.-2019
PT-2019-WFOW-840: Supply, Installation & Replacement of Locomotive Track Mats S. Ontario, CAN 17-oct.-2019 19-nov.-2019
PTM-2019-ITIN-006: for the supply of End User Devices for Network Operation Cent S. Ontario, CAN 23-oct.-2019 18-nov.-2019
PT-2019-RBEX-835: Supply,Retreading,Delivery & Unloading of GO Transit Bus Tires S. Ontario, CAN 17-sept.-2019 15-nov.-2019
PT-2019-WFOW-820: Supply&Delivery of MRO Inventory,Elec. Components,Consumables S. Ontario, CAN 27-sept.-2019 12-nov.-2019
PT-2019-RBEX-872: Supply&Delivery Stationary & Trailer-Mounted Radar Speed Signs S. Ontario, CAN 16-oct.-2019 11-nov.-2019
RQQ-2019-CMBD-335:Emergent Photography Services for Metrolinx S. Ontario, CAN 25-juil.-2019 11-nov.-2019
PT-2019-STNS-801: Supply and Delivery of Signage Posts and Accessories S. Ontario, CAN 25-sept.-2019 08-nov.-2019
PTM-2019-STNS-002: Supply and Delivery of Rock Salt (Bulk) S. Ontario, CAN 15-oct.-2019 07-nov.-2019
PTM-2019-ITCS-004: The provision of Red Hat Training Subscription S. Ontario, CAN 16-oct.-2019 07-nov.-2019
RQQ-2019-HRDV-304: Provision of Rail Executive Recruiting Services for Metrolinx S. Ontario, CAN 23-juil.-2019 07-nov.-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-878: Renewal of Moderro Support – One (1) Year S. Ontario, CAN 17-oct.-2019 07-nov.-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-785: Supply and Delivery of HP Hardware and Software S. Ontario, CAN 09-oct.-2019 05-nov.-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-775: Supply and Delivery of HP Parts and Supplies S. Ontario, CAN 04-oct.-2019 05-nov.-2019
PT-2019-STNS-768:Platform Snow&Ice-Various East Region Stns- Richmond Hill Corr. S. Ontario, CAN 17-sept.-2019 05-nov.-2019
PT-2019-RBEX-811: Snow&IceControl: BusStops - WestToronto,Vaughan,Bolton,Caledon S. Ontario, CAN 22-août-2019 04-nov.-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-813: Supply and Delivery of Jabra Headset/Mouse/Cisco IP Phone S. Ontario, CAN 01-oct.-2019 29-oct.-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-803 : Supply and Delivery of EUC Hardware S. Ontario, CAN 01-oct.-2019 29-oct.-2019
PT-2019-STNS-808:Platform Snow&Ice Services-Aldershot,Burlington,Appleby GO Stns S. Ontario, CAN 17-sept.-2019 24-oct.-2019
PT-2019-STNS-809:Platform Snow&Ice Services-Bronte,Oakville,Clarkson GO Stations S. Ontario, CAN 17-sept.-2019 24-oct.-2019
PT-2019-STNS-854: Station Parking Lot Snow & Ice Removal & Disposal Services S. Ontario, CAN 17-sept.-2019 24-oct.-2019
PT-2019-STNS-852: Snow Removal for Oshawa GO Station Parking Lot and Bus Loop S. Ontario, CAN 19-sept.-2019 22-oct.-2019
PT-2018-RPDT-665:Production & Installation Of Bus Stop Signs @ Various Locations S. Ontario, CAN 01-avr.-2019 15-oct.-2019
PT-2019-ITIN-804:For the Provision of (442) IEC 4660 HW S. Ontario, CAN 18-juil.-2019 08-oct.-2019
PT-2019-RBEX-838: Provision of Winter Maintenance Services - Oshawa Bus Facility S. Ontario, CAN 04-sept.-2019 08-oct.-2019
RQQ-2019-NETI-287:VOR+2nd Stage Signals Consulting/Engineering Services S. Ontario, CAN 02-juil.-2019 04-oct.-2019
PT-2019-WFOW-793:Shirley Layover Snow Removal S. Ontario, CAN 06-août-2019 03-oct.-2019
PT-2019-ITIN-802: Ethernet Cable Replacement - Cisco Fare System Enablement S. Ontario, CAN 02-août-2019 01-oct.-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-798: Provision of Micro Focus OpsBridge Support for One (1) Year S. Ontario, CAN 22-août-2019 30-sept.-2019
PT-2019-BUSF-837: Supply & Delivery: Element-Transmission Oil Filter to Bus Fac. S. Ontario, CAN 23-août-2019 26-sept.-2019
PT-2019-ITIN-841:Supply of Turrets for Rail Traffic Control S. Ontario, CAN 29-août-2019 23-sept.-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-831: Supply and Delivery of Infoblox Licenses and Delivery Credits S. Ontario, CAN 20-août-2019 19-sept.-2019
PT-2019-WFOW-792:Lewis Road Layover Snow Removal S. Ontario, CAN 06-août-2019 16-sept.-2019
PT-2019-PVMD-734: Supply of Point of Sale and Mobile Devices S. Ontario, CAN 06-juin-2019 11-sept.-2019
RQQ-2018-PMUN-229:Engineering,Quality Assurance Services,AlstomLightRail Vehicle S. Ontario, CAN 18-sept.-2018 11-sept.-2019
PT-2019-BUSF-807:For the Supply and Delivery of Anti-Freeze Windshield Fluid S. Ontario, CAN 24-juil.-2019 06-sept.-2019
PT-2019-ITIN-774: Provision of Cisco & HPE Network Equipmt for Kipling Bus Term. S. Ontario, CAN 13-juin-2019 05-sept.-2019
PT-2019-ITIN-819: Provision of Cisco Network Equipment at Kingston Data Centre S. Ontario, CAN 29-juil.-2019 29-août-2019
PT-2019-ITIN-818:Provision of Cisco Network Equipment at Guelph Data Centre S. Ontario, CAN 29-juil.-2019 29-août-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-800: Provision of Services Premier for Veritas Netbackup Renewal S. Ontario, CAN 17-juil.-2019 27-août-2019
PT-2019-ITIN-817: Provision of Cisco Routers at Oakville Network Operations S. Ontario, CAN 26-juil.-2019 27-août-2019
PT-2019-RBEX-780: For the Provision of HVAC Filters to Various Bus Facilities S. Ontario, CAN 18-juil.-2019 22-août-2019
RFP-2019-PVMD-134: Provision of Commercial & Financial Opportunities for Presto S. Ontario, CAN 18-avr.-2019 14-août-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-770:Red Hat Ansible Tower with Ansible Engine (Premium) PHOENIX S. Ontario, CAN 19-juin-2019 13-août-2019
PT-2019-ITPA-772:Cybersecurity Awareness & Training Platform S. Ontario, CAN 13-juin-2019 09-août-2019
PT-2019-ITIN-795: Provision of Network Hardware Equipment: Bay Concourse Project S. Ontario, CAN 09-juil.-2019 01-août-2019
PT-2019-ITIN-761: Providing Network Equipment - Cooksville Station Redevelopment S. Ontario, CAN 23-mai-2019 17-juil.-2019
PT-2019-RCDV-709: For the Supply,Delivery and Unloading of Turnouts S. Ontario, CAN 17-avr.-2019 10-juil.-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-762: Provision of Fifty (50) 10GBASE-LRM SFP Module S. Ontario, CAN 05-juin-2019 04-juil.-2019
PT-2019-ITIN-763:Provide IE Switches,Racks,Transceivers-Fare System Tech. Enable S. Ontario, CAN 24-mai-2019 27-juin-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-767: Provision of Support Coverage VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise S. Ontario, CAN 30-mai-2019 27-juin-2019
PT-2018-STNS-690:For the provision of Fire Protection Equipment Services S. Ontario, CAN 23-avr.-2019 20-juin-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-749: Renewa of OPS Bridge, ALM Support & Maintenance for (1) Year S. Ontario, CAN 09-mai-2019 13-juin-2019
PT-2019-RBEX-695:For the Supply and Delivery of Defibriliators (AED) Units S. Ontario, CAN 01-avr.-2019 16-mai-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-726:For the Supply and Delivery of Software License for Cloud Base S. Ontario, CAN 10-avr.-2019 13-mai-2019
RQQ-2018-ECDV-260:VOR and 2nd Stage Agreement for Archaeological Services S. Ontario, CAN 20-déc.-2018 06-mai-2019
PT-2018-CINF-595:Weston Station Improvements S. Ontario, CAN 10-janv.-2019 03-mai-2019
RQQ-2018-ECDV-266:For Preparatory Works for the ON Corridor Vegetation Removal S. Ontario, CAN 13-déc.-2018 30-avr.-2019
PT-2019-STNS-694:For the Provision of Landscaping Services for GO Stations S. Ontario, CAN 14-mars-2019 29-avr.-2019
RQQ-2018-ECDV-248:Natural Heritage Consulting Services on an Emergent Basis S. Ontario, CAN 12-oct.-2018 24-avr.-2019
PT-2019-ITOP-721:For the Provision of Varonis Software Support and Mtce S. Ontario, CAN 22-mars-2019 23-avr.-2019
RFP-2018-RBEX-115:For Consultant Assignment for the LEAN Coaching Services S. Ontario, CAN 19-déc.-2018 18-avr.-2019
PT-2019-BUSF-714:For the Supply and Delivery of Ricon WCL Parts S. Ontario, CAN 18-mars-2019 17-avr.-2019
PT-2018-ITIN-718:For the Supply and Delivery of Cisco Network Hardware Equipment S. Ontario, CAN 19-mars-2019 12-avr.-2019
RFP-2017-CBA-064: Design Build Construction of Barrie Rail Corridor S. Ontario, CAN 30-avr.-2018 05-avr.-2019
PT-2018-WFOW-668:for Semi-Annual Clean out of Trenches and Sump Pits,PM Bays S. Ontario, CAN 19-févr.-2019 28-mars-2019
PT-2018-ITOP-705:For the provision of Symantec E-mail Safeguard Cloud & Renewal S. Ontario, CAN 01-mars-2019 26-mars-2019
PT-2018-ITIN-699:For the Provision of Cisco Network Equipment for Fare System S. Ontario, CAN 22-févr.-2019 22-mars-2019
PTC-2018-CINF-005:Consultancy,Design,Construction, Admin,Mimico,Midland Yards S. Ontario, CAN 21-sept.-2018 03-mars-2019
PT-2018-BUSF-674:For the Supply and Delivery Of New Meritor Kits for MCI D4500 S. Ontario, CAN 07-févr.-2019 01-mars-2019
PT-2018-ITOP-672:For the Provision of Cisco Interactive Experience Client 4650 S. Ontario, CAN 01-févr.-2019 28-févr.-2019
RQQ-2018-1w-207:Engineering Consulting on Emergent Basis for Central Region S. Ontario, CAN 16-juil.-2018 15-févr.-2019
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