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Solicitation Title Location Published Date Award Date
PT-2020-BUSF-266 : Supply and Delivery of Marathon Brake Pads, as Required Southern Ontario, CAN 18-Mar-2021 05-May-2021
PT-2020-STNS-247: Hamilton Bird Netting Grounds Southern Ontario, CAN 12-Mar-2021 03-May-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-248: Provision of Cleaning Services for Metrolinx Bus Shelters in Southern Ontario, CAN 12-Feb-2021 21-Apr-2021
PT-2020-RBEX-260: Provision of Janitorial Service for Various Layovers Southern Ontario, CAN 17-Mar-2021 20-Apr-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-250: Provision of Bus and Bicycle Shelters Window Cleaning and Exte Southern Ontario, CAN 25-Feb-2021 20-Apr-2021
RQQ-2020-HRDV-449: Employment Candidate Background Check Services Southern Ontario, CAN 12-Jan-2021 20-Apr-2021
PT-2020-STNS-222:Stairway Replacement at Royal York Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Feb-2021 05-Apr-2021
RFP-2020-HRDV-202:Service Provider to Administer Employee Engagement Surveys Southern Ontario, CAN 15-Dec-2020 01-Apr-2021
RQQ-2020-RCDV-478: Consulting: Track Engineering Charts, Perm. Slow Order Review Southern Ontario, CAN 20-Nov-2020 01-Apr-2021
RQQ-2020-AFPD-476: Consulting Services for Davenport Diamond Public Realm Southern Ontario, CAN 04-Jan-2021 30-Mar-2021
RQQ-2020-PROB-465:Engineering Consulting Services & Construction Mgt Demolition Southern Ontario, CAN 07-Jan-2021 26-Mar-2021
RQQ-2020-CPGX-440:Consultant Services for Placed Persons and Technical Advisors Southern Ontario, CAN 09-Dec-2020 26-Mar-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-223:Supply, Delivery&Unloading of Ethylene Glycol Coolant, as Reqd. Southern Ontario, CAN 11-Dec-2020 24-Mar-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-236:Supply and Delivery of Bendix Air Dryers & Spares, as Required Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Jan-2021 24-Mar-2021
RQQ-2019-REUS-339: Vendor of Record (“VOR”) for USRC Consulting Services Southern Ontario, CAN 07-Feb-2020 16-Mar-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-179:Provision of Shop Hardware and Vendor Managed Inventory Service Southern Ontario, CAN 07-Dec-2020 11-Mar-2021
PT-2019-NAFD-945 : Integrated Vegetation Management for Various Rail Corridors Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Dec-2020 10-Mar-2021
PT-2020-NAFA-240:Replacement of Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit (UPS) 20 Bay St Southern Ontario, CAN 12-Jan-2021 09-Mar-2021
RQQ-2020-RPDT-462: Design Consultant for Parking Structures and Pedestrian Bridg Southern Ontario, CAN 12-Nov-2020 04-Mar-2021
RFP-2020-NAFD-224: Construction Manager General Contractor Confederation GO Stn Southern Ontario, CAN 27-Nov-2020 04-Mar-2021
PT-2020-ITIN-251: Provision of Cloudera Data Hub Edition Licenses Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Feb-2021 03-Mar-2021
RQQ-2020-ENTS-461: VOR + 2nd Stage Consultant Services for GO Expansion Track Pr Southern Ontario, CAN 25-Sep-2020 02-Mar-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-230 : Supply and Delivery of Radiator+CAC Full Changeout Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Dec-2020 24-Feb-2021
RQQ-2020-PCCP-427: VOR+2nd Stage - Sponsor Services on an As Required Basis Southern Ontario, CAN 27-Oct-2020 18-Feb-2021
PT-2020-WFOW-146:Supply & Installation Vehicle/Personnel Gate at Mimico Layover Southern Ontario, CAN 24-Nov-2020 16-Feb-2021
PT-2020-WFOW-224: Supply and Installation of One Wayside Crane for Two Layovers Southern Ontario, CAN 02-Dec-2020 16-Feb-2021
PT-2020-RCDV-202: Supply, Delivery and Unloading of Turnouts on an as needed Bas Southern Ontario, CAN 02-Dec-2020 16-Feb-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-232:Supply & Delivery of Pandemic Drapes and Banners Southern Ontario, CAN 29-Dec-2020 11-Feb-2021
RQQ-2020-CMBM-480: Traditional Media Buying and Planning Services Southern Ontario, CAN 19-Nov-2020 05-Feb-2021
PT-2020-RCDV-208: Supply, Delivery and Unloading of New Hardwood Ties Southern Ontario, CAN 04-Dec-2020 03-Feb-2021
PT-2020-RCDV-209:Supply, Delivery and Unloading of New Concrete Ties Southern Ontario, CAN 13-Nov-2020 03-Feb-2021
PTM-2020-ITIN-072: Provision of Google Maps Platform - One (1) Year Southern Ontario, CAN 10-Dec-2020 02-Feb-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-217: Overhaul of Cooling & Exhaust After-Treatment Systems on Metro Southern Ontario, CAN 13-Nov-2020 29-Jan-2021
RQQ-2019-POPD-411:Consultant Asgmt Regional Customer Experience & Service Design Southern Ontario, CAN 02-Oct-2020 28-Jan-2021
RQQ-2020-PROC-479: Procurement Service Provider for Construction Management Gene Southern Ontario, CAN 09-Nov-2020 28-Jan-2021
PT-2020-RCDV-200: Supply,Delivery,Unloading of New Rail & other Track Materials Southern Ontario, CAN 11-Nov-2020 27-Jan-2021
RQQ-2020-CSUB-457:Owner’s Engineer - Design and Management Services for YNSE Southern Ontario, CAN 21-Oct-2020 27-Jan-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-221 : Supply and Delivery of USB Receptacles Southern Ontario, CAN 11-Dec-2020 25-Jan-2021
RQQ-2020-ITIN-470: Provision of Operations Resources Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Oct-2020 25-Jan-2021
RQQ-2020-ECDV-428:Consultant Services for Built&Cultural Heritage Landscape Southern Ontario, CAN 09-Oct-2020 21-Jan-2021
PT-2020-STNS-178 : Replacement of UPS at Various Metrolinx Facilities Southern Ontario, CAN 22-Oct-2020 19-Jan-2021
RQQ-2020-ITIN-467:Provision of Product Delivery Resources on an Emergent Basis Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Oct-2020 15-Jan-2021
RQQ-2020-ITIN-471: Planning & Architecture Resources on an Emergent Basis Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Oct-2020 15-Jan-2021
RQQ-2020-ITIN-468: Provision of Business Management Office (BMO) Resources. Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Oct-2020 15-Jan-2021
RQQ-2020-ITIN-469:Provision of Cybersecurity Resources Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Oct-2020 15-Jan-2021
RFP-2019-PROC-158:Supply&Delivery: 12m Diesel,12m CNG,12m Hybrid Buses + Option Southern Ontario, CAN 18-Sep-2020 06-Jan-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-194 : Supply and Delivery of Charge Air Coolers, as Required Southern Ontario, CAN 02-Nov-2020 05-Jan-2021
RQQ-2020-PMUN-463:VOR + 2nd Stage Engineering Services Building Code Consultant Southern Ontario, CAN 30-Sep-2020 05-Jan-2021
PT-2020-RBEX-171: Supply & Installation of damaged & vandalized bus stop signs Southern Ontario, CAN 24-Sep-2020 05-Jan-2021
PT-2019-RCDV-944: Supply, Installation and Management of Abloy High Security Pro Southern Ontario, CAN 16-Oct-2020 24-Dec-2020
RFP-2020-ITIN-187: Safety Management Information System Southern Ontario, CAN 17-Jun-2020 23-Dec-2020
PT-2020-WFOW-147: Removal, Replacement, Installation and Mtce of Air Compressors Southern Ontario, CAN 20-Oct-2020 21-Dec-2020
RQQ-2020-RBEX-466:Electrical Improvements at Oakville Network Operations Control Southern Ontario, CAN 10-Nov-2020 21-Dec-2020
PT-2020-BUSF-175 : Supply and Delivery of Knorr Bremse Brake Pads, as Required Southern Ontario, CAN 02-Nov-2020 18-Dec-2020
RQQ-2020-PROB-458: Stationary Onsite, Mobile Property Security Guard Services Southern Ontario, CAN 26-Aug-2020 16-Dec-2020
PT-2020-WFOW-975 : Cleaning of Rail Facility Assets West Layovers and Yards Southern Ontario, CAN 01-Oct-2020 15-Dec-2020
RQQ-2020-HRDV-437 : Executive Recruitment Agency Southern Ontario, CAN 24-Sep-2020 15-Dec-2020
RFP-2019-FINN-145: Provision of Corporate Banking Services Southern Ontario, CAN 04-Jul-2019 15-Dec-2020
PT-2020-RBEX-170:Removal, Disposal & Recycling Regulated Waste Various Bus Facil Southern Ontario, CAN 07-Oct-2020 14-Dec-2020
RFP-2020-HRDV-197:Provision of HR Job Posting Language Augmentation Services Southern Ontario, CAN 17-Jul-2020 14-Dec-2020
RFP-2020-ECDV-182: Provision of A Utility Data Management Solution Southern Ontario, CAN 27-Aug-2020 11-Dec-2020
RQQ-2019-NAFD-402:Engineering Services during Construction for Confederation Stn Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Jun-2020 11-Dec-2020
PT-2020-BUSF-195 : Supply and Delivery of Radiators, as Required Southern Ontario, CAN 02-Nov-2020 09-Dec-2020
PT-2020-STNS-173: Provision of Sanitary Napkin Disposal Services Southern Ontario, CAN 22-Oct-2020 09-Dec-2020
PT-2020-BUSF-183:Supply and Delivery of Counteract Balancing Beads, as Required Southern Ontario, CAN 13-Oct-2020 09-Dec-2020
PT-2020-RBEX-196: Provision of Generator Inspections, Testing and Preventive Mai Southern Ontario, CAN 03-Nov-2020 09-Dec-2020
RFS-2020-HRDV-191: Career Transition Services Southern Ontario, CAN 02-Oct-2020 08-Dec-2020
RFS-2020-HRDV-190 : Leadership Development Coaching Services Southern Ontario, CAN 06-Oct-2020 07-Dec-2020
PT-2020-RBEX-152: HVAC Improvements at Network Operations Control (NOC) Southern Ontario, CAN 25-Sep-2020 07-Dec-2020
PT-2019-WFOW-936: Service&Inspection Emergency Generators Rail Facilities Assets Southern Ontario, CAN 08-Oct-2020 02-Dec-2020
PT-2020-STNS-163 : Supply and Installation of Anti-slip Mats/Tiles Southern Ontario, CAN 13-Oct-2020 26-Nov-2020
PT-2020-BUSF-166 : Supply and Delivery of Norgren Solenoid Valve Southern Ontario, CAN 23-Sep-2020 25-Nov-2020
PT-2019-WFOW-935:Service and Inspection of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Southern Ontario, CAN 08-Oct-2020 20-Nov-2020
RFP-2019-PMUN-127: Provision of Network Service Provider Southern Ontario, CAN 04-Feb-2020 19-Nov-2020
RQQ-2020-PVMD-448:Resource Augmentation Services for Metrolinx Southern Ontario, CAN 20-Jul-2020 17-Nov-2020
PTM-2020-ITIN-063:Supply&Delivery Centre Security Software IndigoVision One Year Southern Ontario, CAN 09-Oct-2020 13-Nov-2020
PTM-2020-ITIN-058:Supply & Delivery of Jabra Evolve 75 UC Headsets. Southern Ontario, CAN 09-Oct-2020 13-Nov-2020
PT-2020-RBEX-151: Parking Garage Fencing at Oakville Network Operations Control Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Oct-2020 13-Nov-2020
PT-2020-RBEX-172: Provision of Winter Bus Stop Maintenance within Various Region Southern Ontario, CAN 30-Sep-2020 11-Nov-2020
PT-2020-STNS-169:Rehabilitation of roof at Richmond Hill GO Station Southern Ontario, CAN 07-Oct-2020 10-Nov-2020
RQQ-2019-POPD-406:Consultant Assignment for Fare & Service Integration Analysis Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Jul-2020 09-Nov-2020
RQQ-2019-NAFD-403 : Engineering Services for the King-Victoria Transit Hub Southern Ontario, CAN 23-Jun-2020 03-Nov-2020
RFP-2020-CPGX-171: Competence Management System Southern Ontario, CAN 04-May-2020 02-Nov-2020
PT-2020-RBEX-107:Janitorial Services for Offices East Region Bus Facilities Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Sep-2020 29-Oct-2020
PT-2020-STNS-132:Snow & Ice Removal at Various Metrolinx Facilities Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Aug-2020 28-Oct-2020
PT-2020-STNS-136: Snow and Ice Removal at Various Metrolinx Facilities Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Aug-2020 27-Oct-2020
PT-2020-STNS-134: Snow and Ice Removal at Various Metrolinx Facilities Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Aug-2020 22-Oct-2020
PT-2020-STNS-140:Emergent Glass Replacement and/or Repair at Metrolinx Stations Southern Ontario, CAN 24-Aug-2020 21-Oct-2020
PT-2020-STNS-137: Snow & Ice Removal - Various Metrolinx Locations Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Aug-2020 20-Oct-2020
PT-2020-STNS-118:Rehabilitation of Station Building at Aurora GO Station Southern Ontario, CAN 13-Aug-2020 19-Oct-2020
PT-2020-WFOW-122: Snow&Ice Removal - Willowbrook and Mimico Layovers Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Sep-2020 19-Oct-2020
PT-2020-WFOW-121: Snow&Ice Removal - DonYard,UnionStnBusTerminal,Bathurst N.Yard Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Sep-2020 19-Oct-2020
RQQ-2019-RCSC-410:Electrical, Mechanical & Communications Asset Inspn. & Maint. Southern Ontario, CAN 17-Jun-2020 16-Oct-2020
PT-2020-STNS-131 : Snow and Ice Removal at Various Metrolinx Facilities Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Aug-2020 15-Oct-2020
PT-2020-STNS-135 : Snow and Ice Removal at Various Metrolinx Facilities Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Aug-2020 15-Oct-2020
PT-2020-ITIN-161:Provision of MicroFocus OpsBridge Annual Renewal for Aug & Dec Southern Ontario, CAN 31-Aug-2020 14-Oct-2020
PT-2020-INND-162: Commissioned Research - Survey of Travel Behaviour in the GGH Southern Ontario, CAN 09-Sep-2020 13-Oct-2020
PT-2020-STNS-128: Snow and Ice Removal at Various Metrolinx Facilities Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Aug-2020 08-Oct-2020
PT-2020-STNS-157 : Provision and Refueling of Diesel Fuel at Various Locations Southern Ontario, CAN 24-Aug-2020 07-Oct-2020
RQQ-2019-PPDD-404:Consulting Services Preliminary Design&Environmental Assessmen Southern Ontario, CAN 19-Jun-2020 07-Oct-2020
There are no awarded solicitations at this time.
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