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RFP-2017-VRM-054 - RFP-2017-VRM-054:Collaborative Procurement Process for MX I&IT Programs


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RFP - Request for Proposal (Formal)

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RFP-2017-VRM-054:Collaborative Procurement Process for MX I&IT Programs

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Canada, Southern Ontario



26-Jan-2018 10:00:28 AM EST

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25-Apr-2018 12:00:00 AM EDT

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13-Apr-2018 12:00:00 AM EDT

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25-Apr-2018 03:00:00 PM EDT

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Douglas Hambly

(416) 202-5693



Call For Proposals
Request for Proposal No. RFP-2017-VRM-054

Metrolinx is accepting Proposals to Qualify for the Collaborative Procurement Process for Metrolinx I&IT Programs & Managed Services (Stage 1)

  1. Corporate Profile
    1. Metrolinx is a corporation established by the Province of Ontario under the Metrolinx Act, S.0.2006, Chapter 16. The Government of Ontario created Metrolinx to improve the coordination and integration of all models of transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).
    2. In 2016-17 Metrolinx employed over 3,500 employees. The organization is focused on planning, building and operating an integrated, efficient and sustainable transportation system that links people, places and businesses.
    3. Through investments in its transit operations and PRESTO, Metrolinx oversees the largest transit capital expansion program in Canada. The organization built over $17B in capital infrastructure since 2006-07 and rapid growth continues with a 2017-18 capital budget of approximately $5.1B.
    4. In 2016-17, 71.5 million people boarded Metrolinx operated trains and buses. Metrolinx manages 7 GO Train lines, 65 stations and over 450 route kilometers. Metrolinx GO Bus Operations includes 22 GO Bus terminals and over 2,700 route kilometers.
    5. Metrolinx consists of 130 network locations, 650 servers and approximately 3,600 desktops and laptops. The data centre environment is comprised of a Tier 4 primary data centre used for a production environment and a Tier 3 primary data centre used for development, test and disaster recovery environments.
  2. Business Objectives
    1. Metrolinx is mandated by the Government of Ontario to deliver the best possible transportation services today while leading the way to even better, more convenient services tomorrow. Metrolinx is making the best possible use of the public transportation investment dollar and measurably improving the quality of life in our region. 
Metrolinx is facing a significant increase in business demand for I&IT projects and services. To achieve the capacity, agility and scale required to handle the increased demand for I&IT services, the I&IT organization at Metrolinx is looking to broker specific capabilities externally through a three (3) stage Collaborative Procurement Process (“CPP”).
The CPP will establish a Contract with three (3) IT Service Providers that have demonstrated capabilities to innovate and apply current and next generation technology with clients of similar size, scale and complexity to Metrolinx.
Next generation technology refers to any emerging or disruptive technologies  - such as cloud-based solutions, digitization, the Internet of Things, advanced analytics, intelligent automation, and social & mobile technologies - that can be leveraged to transform business models, operating models, lower costs and increase revenues. Innovation is defined as the application of these next generation technologies.
Through the CPP, I&IT will have a more efficient and effective procurement vehicle in place to execute on its mandate, capital plan and operating requirements. The CPP will also increase I&IT’s capacity, agility and scale to serve the growing demand for innovative services and solutions from all business units.
  1. Metrolinx I&IT needs to further enable a number of business capabilities and outcomes grouped into three (3) strategic objectives: i) Optimize Corporate Operations, ii) Enhance Customer Experience & Relationships, and iii) Optimize Transit Operations. To support this need, the Metrolinx CPP will be leveraged to establish three (3) pre-qualified Service Providers to deliver the business outcomes described in Appendix “B” – Scope of Services.
  2. RFP Objectives
    1. This RFP to Qualify (Stage 1) is an invitation to potential Service Providers (“Proponents”) to submit written proposals (“Submission”) considering the provision of the services described in Appendix “B” – Scope of Services in this RFP Document. Metrolinx is issuing this RFP Document to establish a Contract with three (3) Service Providers that will partner with Metrolinx. The Contract will govern the Requirements Alignment phase (Stage 2) and the RFPs awarded to Service Providers in the Invitational RFP phase (Stage 3). The Contract will, unless terminated earlier, have a term of five (5) years, with a single five (5) year extension option.
    2. The relationship will be a preferred relationship between the successful Proponents and Metrolinx I&IT. The Collaborative Procurement Process for Metrolinx I&IT Programs & Managed Services is seeking Proponents who:
      1. Have a proven ability to innovate and leverage current and next-generation technologies to solve complex business problems and achieve desired business outcomes;
      2. Have implemented industry leading practices and quality processes that ensure high standards of service delivery;
      3. Have access to a highly skilled labour pool with relevant experience in regards to the technology being deployed;
      4. Are capable of rapidly scaling the level of resources assigned to a service up or down so as to meet Metrolinx I&IT’s evolving requirements;
      5. Have sufficient economies of scale and cost structure that they can deliver the service cost effectively; and
      6. Are willing to invest in a relationship with Metrolinx and participate in the CPP in good faith to ensure a successful partnership.
  3. Proposal Enquiries
Metrolinx is of the view that increased written communication during, and through, the Q&A process is beneficial for this RFP to Qualify, particularly as it relates to Appendix “A” – General Conditions.  As such, to allow for a thorough Q&A process, Metrolinx has set three deadlines for submitting questions.  We request all Proponents who have questions concerning the Proposal Documents, the contents herein, Appendix “A” – General Conditions, or the Services contemplated herein, to submit their questions by the First Deadline to Submit Questions.  After Metrolinx has responded to the first round of questions via an Addendum, Proponents who have further questions are requested to submit their questions by the Second Deadline to Submit Questions. After Metrolinx has responded to the second round of questions via an Addendum, Proponents who have any final questions are directed to submit those questions by the Final Deadline to Submit Questions. All questions are to be directed, in writing, to the Procurement Representative.

Responses to the Request for Proposal to Qualify will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. EST on March 29, 2018 through Electronic Bid Submission (EBS) at MERX.
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