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As part of its plan to deliver long-term sustainable transportation and better transit, the Province of Ontario created the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority on April 24, 2006. Now known as Metrolinx, it was created to play a critical role in planning and delivering a seamless, integrated transit network allowing people to use public transit to travel easily within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).


The development in 2008 of a Regional Transportation Plan, The Big Move, was instrumental in identifying that the province’s transit and transportation problems are regional in nature and cross municipal boundaries. In 2009, Metrolinx merged with GO Transit, the regional public transit service. The organization grew further with the addition of two more operating divisions – the Union Pearson (UP) Express in 2010 and PRESTO in 2011. In 2013, construction began on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, which will run a 19-kilometre light-rail line across the city. The project is set to be complete in 2021.


For all procurements an award notice is posted on the Metrolinx MERX Portal after Contract Execution.


Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
PT-2020-STNS-238:Sump Pup Replacements at Oakville & Streetsville GO Stations Southern Ontario, CAN 16-Apr-2021 07-May-2021
PT-2020-STNS-237: Major Rehab. of Stairways at Aldershot & Streetsville GO Stns Southern Ontario, CAN 13-Apr-2021 07-May-2021
PT-2020-STNS-267:Meadowvale Bus Loop Shelter Replacement Southern Ontario, CAN 12-Apr-2021 04-May-2021
PT-2020-RCDV-255: Rehabilitation of Six (6) Bridges on the Oakville Subdivision Southern Ontario, CAN 06-Apr-2021 06-May-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-272:Snow and Ice Removal at the Oshawa Bus Facility Southern Ontario, CAN 30-Mar-2021 30-Apr-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-271 : Snow and Ice Removal at the Steeprock & East Gwillimbury B/F Southern Ontario, CAN 30-Mar-2021 30-Apr-2021
RQQ-2020-HRDV-511:Childcare Partnership Southern Ontario, CAN 30-Mar-2021 23-Apr-2021
SQ-2020-CCCC-083: Delivery Partner for GO Expansion Program Southern Ontario, CAN 29-Mar-2021 05-May-2021
RQQ-2020-CMCE-508: Market Research Southern Ontario, CAN 29-Mar-2021 23-Apr-2021
RFI-2020-RERD-072: Data Transmission from Trackside to Onboard Vehicles Southern Ontario, CAN 25-Mar-2021 29-Apr-2021
RQQ-2020-REPC-505: Relocation and Brokerage Services on an Emergent Basis Southern Ontario, CAN 18-Mar-2021 16-Apr-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-266 : Supply and Delivery of Marathon Brake Pads, as Required Southern Ontario, CAN 18-Mar-2021 13-Apr-2021
PT-2020-RBEX-260: Provision of Janitorial Service for Various Layovers Southern Ontario, CAN 17-Mar-2021 13-Apr-2021
PTM-2020-PVMD-078: Supply and Delivery of Vault Bags Southern Ontario, CAN 15-Mar-2021 01-Apr-2021
PT-2020-STNS-247: Hamilton Bird Netting Grounds Southern Ontario, CAN 12-Mar-2021 08-Apr-2021
SQ-2020-CCCC-084: Delivery Partner for Ontario Line Subway Project Southern Ontario, CAN 12-Mar-2021 16-Apr-2021
PT-2020-RPDT-220: Beamsville Park and Ride GO Bus AODA & Electrical Improvements Southern Ontario, CAN 10-Mar-2021 31-Mar-2021
RFI-2020-CMBD-070:Commerical Digital Signage Display Partnership Southern Ontario, CAN 08-Mar-2021 27-Apr-2021
PT-2020-RCDV-254:CCTV Cameras – 5 Locations Southern Ontario, CAN 08-Mar-2021 01-Apr-2021
RQQ-2020-CMLE-486:Heritage Layover Project TPAP & Detailed Layover Facility Desi Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Mar-2021 31-Mar-2021
RQQ-2020-WFOW-481: Consulting Svcs - Willowbrook 27.6 kV Primary Circuit Breaker Southern Ontario, CAN 03-Mar-2021 07-Apr-2021
RQQ-2020-RCDV-497: Design Securement and Functional Optimization of Metrolinx Ow Southern Ontario, CAN 01-Mar-2021 25-Mar-2021
PT-2020-NAFD-100 : Construction of Brampton Station South Parking Lot Southern Ontario, CAN 01-Mar-2021 01-Apr-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-250: Provision of Bus and Bicycle Shelters Window Cleaning and Exte Southern Ontario, CAN 25-Feb-2021 23-Mar-2021
PT-2020-RCDV-207: Union Station Rail Corridor Perimeter Securement Southern Ontario, CAN 25-Feb-2021 17-Mar-2021
SQ-2020-PVMD-082:PRESTO Civil Works at Various Transit Agency Locations Southern Ontario, CAN 25-Feb-2021 25-Mar-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-246 : Supply&Delivery of Meritor Wheel Hubs and Bearings Southern Ontario, CAN 17-Feb-2021 15-Mar-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-248: Provision of Cleaning Services for Metrolinx Bus Shelters in Southern Ontario, CAN 12-Feb-2021 10-Mar-2021
PT-2020-STNS-222:Stairway Replacement at Royal York Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Feb-2021 02-Mar-2021
PT-2020-ITIN-251: Provision of Cloudera Data Hub Edition Licenses Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Feb-2021 23-Feb-2021
RQQ-2020-HRDV-459: Childcare Partnership Southern Ontario, CAN 04-Feb-2021 02-Mar-2021
RFI-2020-PVMD-065: PRESTO Today & Tomorrow Southern Ontario, CAN 02-Feb-2021 15-Mar-2021
RQQ-2020-CMCE-438:Ontario Business & Customer Demographic & Psychographic Data Southern Ontario, CAN 28-Jan-2021 22-Feb-2021
PT-2020-STNS-225: Parking Lot & Bus Loop Lighting and Electrical Upgrades Southern Ontario, CAN 27-Jan-2021 22-Feb-2021
PTM-2020-ITIN-073: Maintenance Enterprise Qlik Sense Enterprise Tokens Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Jan-2021 29-Jan-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-236:Supply and Delivery of Bendix Air Dryers & Spares, as Required Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Jan-2021 09-Feb-2021
PT-2020-NAFA-240:Replacement of Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit (UPS) 20 Bay St Southern Ontario, CAN 12-Jan-2021 02-Feb-2021
RQQ-2020-HRDV-449: Employment Candidate Background Check Services Southern Ontario, CAN 12-Jan-2021 11-Feb-2021
RQQ-2020-PROB-465:Engineering Consulting Services & Construction Mgt Demolition Southern Ontario, CAN 07-Jan-2021 16-Feb-2021
RQQ-2020-AFPD-476: Consulting Services for Davenport Diamond Public Realm Southern Ontario, CAN 04-Jan-2021 27-Jan-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-232:Supply & Delivery of Pandemic Drapes and Banners Southern Ontario, CAN 29-Dec-2020 22-Jan-2021
RFP-2020-ITIN-222: Metrolinx Website Application Managed Services Southern Ontario, CAN 18-Dec-2020 22-Jan-2021
PT-2020-RBEX-186:Removal, Replacement, Overhaul Seat Cushions MCI D4500 Bus Coac Southern Ontario, CAN 16-Dec-2020 25-Jan-2021
RFP-2020-HRDV-202:Service Provider to Administer Employee Engagement Surveys Southern Ontario, CAN 15-Dec-2020 28-Jan-2021
PT-2019-NAFD-945 : Integrated Vegetation Management for Various Rail Corridors Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Dec-2020 09-Feb-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-230 : Supply and Delivery of Radiator+CAC Full Changeout Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Dec-2020 11-Jan-2021
RQQ-2020-RCDV-450 : Annual Bridge Inspection Engineering Services Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Dec-2020 26-Jan-2021
RFI-2020-CCCC-067 : Delivery Partner for GO Expansion Program Southern Ontario, CAN 11-Dec-2020 29-Jan-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-223:Supply, Delivery&Unloading of Ethylene Glycol Coolant, as Reqd. Southern Ontario, CAN 11-Dec-2020 08-Jan-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-221 : Supply and Delivery of USB Receptacles Southern Ontario, CAN 11-Dec-2020 08-Jan-2021
PTM-2020-ITIN-072: Provision of Google Maps Platform - One (1) Year Southern Ontario, CAN 10-Dec-2020 19-Jan-2021
RQQ-2020-CPGX-440:Consultant Services for Placed Persons and Technical Advisors Southern Ontario, CAN 09-Dec-2020 22-Jan-2021
SQ-2020-NAFP-080:Prequalification Ontario Line Joint Corridor Exhibition Stn Southern Ontario, CAN 08-Dec-2020 29-Jan-2021
PT-2020-BUSF-179:Provision of Shop Hardware and Vendor Managed Inventory Service Southern Ontario, CAN 07-Dec-2020 08-Jan-2021
PT-2020-NAFB-148:Construction of a Temporary Parking Lot at Aurora GO Station Southern Ontario, CAN 04-Dec-2020 29-Jan-2021
PT-2020-RCDV-208: Supply, Delivery and Unloading of New Hardwood Ties Southern Ontario, CAN 04-Dec-2020 08-Jan-2021
PT-2020-RCDV-202: Supply, Delivery and Unloading of Turnouts on an as needed Bas Southern Ontario, CAN 02-Dec-2020 08-Jan-2021
PT-2020-WFOW-224: Supply and Installation of One Wayside Crane for Two Layovers Southern Ontario, CAN 02-Dec-2020 13-Jan-2021
RFP-2020-NAFD-224: Construction Manager General Contractor Confederation GO Stn Southern Ontario, CAN 27-Nov-2020 26-Jan-2021
PT-2020-WFOW-146:Supply & Installation Vehicle/Personnel Gate at Mimico Layover Southern Ontario, CAN 24-Nov-2020 11-Dec-2020
PT-2020-RCDV-155:Construction of Culvert Modification – Mile 50.00 Guelph Subdiv Southern Ontario, CAN 20-Nov-2020 05-Jan-2021
RQQ-2020-RCDV-478: Consulting: Track Engineering Charts, Perm. Slow Order Review Southern Ontario, CAN 20-Nov-2020 05-Jan-2021
RQQ-2020-CMBM-480: Traditional Media Buying and Planning Services Southern Ontario, CAN 19-Nov-2020 10-Dec-2020
PT-2020-BUSF-217: Overhaul of Cooling & Exhaust After-Treatment Systems on Metro Southern Ontario, CAN 13-Nov-2020 08-Dec-2020
PT-2020-RCDV-209:Supply, Delivery and Unloading of New Concrete Ties Southern Ontario, CAN 13-Nov-2020 16-Dec-2020
RQQ-2020-RPDT-462: Design Consultant for Parking Structures and Pedestrian Bridg Southern Ontario, CAN 12-Nov-2020 08-Dec-2020
PT-2020-RCDV-200: Supply,Delivery,Unloading of New Rail & other Track Materials Southern Ontario, CAN 11-Nov-2020 17-Dec-2020
RQQ-2020-RBEX-466:Electrical Improvements at Oakville Network Operations Control Southern Ontario, CAN 10-Nov-2020 03-Dec-2020
RQQ-2020-PROC-479: Procurement Service Provider for Construction Management Gene Southern Ontario, CAN 09-Nov-2020 30-Nov-2020
PT-2020-RBEX-196: Provision of Generator Inspections, Testing and Preventive Mai Southern Ontario, CAN 03-Nov-2020 24-Nov-2020
PT-2020-BUSF-175 : Supply and Delivery of Knorr Bremse Brake Pads, as Required Southern Ontario, CAN 02-Nov-2020 27-Nov-2020
PTM-2020-BUSF-065 : Supply and Delivery of One Used Telescopic Bucket Truck Southern Ontario, CAN 02-Nov-2020 24-Nov-2020
PT-2020-BUSF-195 : Supply and Delivery of Radiators, as Required Southern Ontario, CAN 02-Nov-2020 26-Nov-2020
PT-2020-BUSF-194 : Supply and Delivery of Charge Air Coolers, as Required Southern Ontario, CAN 02-Nov-2020 26-Nov-2020
RQQ-2020-PCCP-427: VOR+2nd Stage - Sponsor Services on an As Required Basis Southern Ontario, CAN 27-Oct-2020 02-Dec-2020
PT-2020-STNS-178 : Replacement of UPS at Various Metrolinx Facilities Southern Ontario, CAN 22-Oct-2020 18-Nov-2020
PT-2020-STNS-173: Provision of Sanitary Napkin Disposal Services Southern Ontario, CAN 22-Oct-2020 23-Nov-2020
RQQ-2020-CSUB-457:Owner’s Engineer - Design and Management Services for YNSE Southern Ontario, CAN 21-Oct-2020 16-Nov-2020
PT-2020-WFOW-147: Removal, Replacement, Installation and Mtce of Air Compressors Southern Ontario, CAN 20-Oct-2020 17-Nov-2020
PT-2019-RCDV-944: Supply, Installation and Management of Abloy High Security Pro Southern Ontario, CAN 16-Oct-2020 12-Nov-2020
PTM-2020-ITIN-064 : Tableau Multi-Year Subscription Support Renewal Southern Ontario, CAN 14-Oct-2020 29-Oct-2020
PT-2020-BUSF-183:Supply and Delivery of Counteract Balancing Beads, as Required Southern Ontario, CAN 13-Oct-2020 06-Nov-2020
PT-2020-STNS-163 : Supply and Installation of Anti-slip Mats/Tiles Southern Ontario, CAN 13-Oct-2020 06-Nov-2020
PTM-2020-ITIN-058:Supply & Delivery of Jabra Evolve 75 UC Headsets. Southern Ontario, CAN 09-Oct-2020 27-Oct-2020
PTM-2020-ITIN-063:Supply&Delivery Centre Security Software IndigoVision One Year Southern Ontario, CAN 09-Oct-2020 27-Oct-2020
RQQ-2020-ECDV-428:Consultant Services for Built&Cultural Heritage Landscape Southern Ontario, CAN 09-Oct-2020 05-Nov-2020
PT-2019-WFOW-777: Supply and Installation of One Wayside Crane for Two Layovers Southern Ontario, CAN 08-Oct-2020 04-Nov-2020
PT-2019-WFOW-936: Service&Inspection Emergency Generators Rail Facilities Assets Southern Ontario, CAN 08-Oct-2020 04-Nov-2020
PT-2019-WFOW-935:Service and Inspection of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Southern Ontario, CAN 08-Oct-2020 04-Nov-2020
PT-2020-RBEX-170:Removal, Disposal & Recycling Regulated Waste Various Bus Facil Southern Ontario, CAN 07-Oct-2020 06-Nov-2020
RFP-2020-PVMD-207:Supply, Installation, Maintenance&Commissioning of PRESTO TVMs Southern Ontario, CAN 07-Oct-2020 11-Dec-2020
PT-2020-STNS-169:Rehabilitation of roof at Richmond Hill GO Station Southern Ontario, CAN 07-Oct-2020 23-Oct-2020
RFS-2020-HRDV-190 : Leadership Development Coaching Services Southern Ontario, CAN 06-Oct-2020 29-Oct-2020
RFS-2020-HRDV-178:Leadership Development Programming Southern Ontario, CAN 06-Oct-2020 04-Nov-2020
PT-2020-RBEX-151: Parking Garage Fencing at Oakville Network Operations Control Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Oct-2020 26-Oct-2020
RQQ-2020-ITIN-468: Provision of Business Management Office (BMO) Resources. Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Oct-2020 09-Nov-2020
RQQ-2020-ITIN-471: Planning & Architecture Resources on an Emergent Basis Southern Ontario, CAN 05-Oct-2020 02-Nov-2020
There are no closed solicitations at this time.
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