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2019 - Information Item


Metrolinx New Fit For Duty Policy

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Canada, Sud de l'Ontario



12-févr.-2019 12:29:46 PM HNE

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28-juin-2019 12:00:00 AM HAE

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Shelley Waterman



Vendor Fit for Duty Requirements
Metrolinx has a strong commitment to safety leadership and as part of that commitment has introduced a Fit for Duty Policy (the “Policy”) which came into effect on September 28, 2018 and replaces the existing Alcohol and Drug policy.
The Policy requires Metrolinx Vendors to ensure all persons performing work on behalf of Metrolinx or on any Metrolinx worksite, are fit for duty at all times.   
Click the hyperlink belwo to access the letter which will provide further details and a a brief overview of how the Policy will impact  existing and new Metrolinx Vendors.
Should you have any questions regarding the Policy please contact Shelley Waterman - Metrolinx Manager, Fit for Duty at

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Please note that this opportunity is for information purposes only regarding Metrolinx's New fit For Duty Policy. Vendors are not to submit responses to this opportunity.

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