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RQQ - Request for Qualification & Quote (Formal)

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RQQ-2019-BMSP-326: Vendor of Record(VOR) for “Business Case Development Service"

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Canada, Southern Ontario



09-Sep-2019 04:15:18 PM EDT

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11-Oct-2019 12:00:00 AM EDT

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11-Oct-2019 03:00:00 PM EDT


Call For Tenders

Tender No. RQQ-2019-BMSP-326

Metrolinx is accepting Submissions for Consulting Firms to establish Vendor of Record(“VOR”) for “Business Case Development Service”

ELECTRONIC BID SUBMISSION will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. on September 27, 2019 

Your Submission for this opportunity must be sent to Metrolinx through the use of MERX EBS. Bidders shall be solely responsible for the delivery of their Submission using MERX EBS by the Closing, in accordance with the  Instructions to Bidders.

Only Contractors[1] who possess the following experience and qualifications will be considered for award of this Contract:
The Proponent should demonstrate its experience in performing work similar in scope, complexity and estimated value as the Scope of Work stated in this Request Document, by including a detailed description of the Corporate Firms qualifications and experience including but not limited to:

  • Five (5) years of experience specializing in leading the development and execution of business cases and the provision of economic research services. The proponent will need to demonstrate its relevant experience in the following core competencies:
    • Multi-modal transportation economic evaluation;
    • Multi-modal transportation planning;
    • Transportation and land-use;
    • Land economics and land use policy and planning;
    • Demographic forecasting and trend analysis;
    • Transportation system funding, financing, and delivery;
    • Wider economic benefits, such as agglomeration;
    • Macroeconomic input/output analysis;
    • Other experience and expertise relevant to the study as identified by the consultant
  • In provision of the Services provided to the following client groups in the following industry/sectors: Government organizations/agencies, transit agency, customer based / B2C and related sectors experience will be considered an asset.
Metrolinx reserves the right to reject any or all Submissions at its sole discretion.

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