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PT - Public Tender (Formal)

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PT-2019-ITIN-773: Provision of MPLS Services for Metrolinx Wide Area Network

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Canada, Southern Ontario



08-Jul-2019 11:16:52 AM EDT

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09-Aug-2019 12:00:00 AM EDT

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09-Aug-2019 03:00:00 PM EDT


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Tender No. PT-2019-ITIN-773

Metrolinx is soliciting submissions for The Provision of MPLS Services for Metrolinx Wide Area Network

Metrolinx is looking for a service provider for its enterprise-wide WAN Virtual Private Network (“VPN”) providing Multi-Protocol Label Switching (“MPLS”) service in addition to Quality of Service (“QoS”) per site for all 160 Metrolinx locations as listed in this Tender.  The vendor is to supply physical fiber layout throughout the province of Ontario and to facilitate networking capabilities including laying of fiber underground, splicing of broken fiber, and maintain Mean Time To Repair (“MTTR”) and Service Level requirements for service and circuit uptimes to provide optimal services to Metrolinx end-users and customers.

Metrolinx intends to award the contract with one service provider. The term of contract is for 5 years with no extension options.

Tender documents are available online at www.metrolinx.merx.com

Tender Submissions will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. Toronto Time on August 1, 2019 through Electronic Bid Submission (EBS) at the Metrolinx MERX Portal.

Bidders must download the Tender documents from the Metrolinx MERX Portal in order for their submission to be considered. Metrolinx reserves the right to reject any or all submissions at its sole discretion.

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Electronic Bid Submission


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