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Pre-Notice:RQQ-2019-PMUN-299:For Technical Advisor Services for Hurontario LRT

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Canada, Southern Ontario



27-Jun-2019 10:05:07 AM EDT

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23-Jul-2019 03:00:00 PM EDT



Pre-Notice of Proposed Procurement by Metrolinx for Technical Advisor Services for the Hurontario LRT Project during Construction Phase

General Information and Background
Metrolinx is an agency of the Government of Ontario and oversees GO Transit, PRESTO, Rapid Transit Implementation (RTI) and the Union Pearson Express (UPE).  Our goal is to create a transportation network that enhances the prosperity, sustainability and quality of life for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.
Metrolinx intends to issue a Request for Quote and Qualifications(“RQQ”) for Technical Advisory Services for the 18km Hurontario LRT Project during the construction phase. The scope covers, but is not limited to, design review of all construction submissions from the Project Company, compliance and quality oversight, site activity and schedule monitoring, support on variations to Project Agreement, and oversight of the commissioning and testing activities. The Technical Advisor will also be responsible for providing support to Metrolinx on permits and approvals, property identification and reference plan review, environmental monitoring and auditing, and oversight of preparatory utilities works.

Length of Contract will be a minimum of 5 years, with 2 additional option years being conditional on the final agreed schedule with the Project Company.

Proposed Issuance:
Metrolinx anticipates that the Request for Quote and Qualifications will be issued in July 2019.
Additional Information:
The above referenced Request for Quote and Qualifications will be posted on MERX. It is recommended that interested proponents monitor the MERX website on a regular basis for any additional information relating to the RQQ.
If you are interested please complete the attached Non-disclosure Agreement.  The CLOSING TIME for submitting the Non-disclosure Agreement is July 23, 2019 at 3p.m., Toronto time.  All proponents who submit an executed Non-disclosure Agreement will be invited to submit a Submission for the Technical Advisory Services during Construction for Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project.
This pre-notice does not constitute a binding commitment on the part of Metrolinx to issue the referenced Request for Quote and Qualifications or to proceed with any or all of the contemplated work. The statements and representations contained in this Pre-Notice are not binding on Metrolinx. The contents of the Request for Quote and Qualifications that may be issued may vary from the description of the project, services, and deliverables as provided in this Pre-Notice.

Contact Person:
Jill Chen
Senior Contract Specialist, Large Projects
Procurement Services
Telephone No.: 416-202-3747
Email: Jill.Chen@metrolinx.com

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