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Pre Notice:RFP-2018-PVMD-110:For Preventive and Corrective Mtce for Fare Devices

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Canada, Southern Ontario



25-Apr-2019 03:52:37 PM EDT

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01-Jun-2019 03:00:00 PM EDT

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Eva Chow




MERX Pre-Notice of Upcoming RFP for Preventive and Corrective Maintenance for Metrolinx Fare Management Devices  

Request for Proposal Number:  RFP-2018-PVMD-110 


PRESTO is both a division of Metrolinx and the regional electronic farecard and management system that allows customers, using a single contactless fare card, to access eleven (11) transit systems in the Greater Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa areas that provide multiple modes of transit (e.g. buses, subways, trains). PRESTO is intended to increase transit ridership and operational efficiency, improve the customer experience, and support the increasing demand for intra and inter regional transit integration through the use of a single fare medium. 
Full PRESTO rollout began in 2009 with the installation of payment devices at select GO stations and on municipal transit buses. As the rollout continued, passengers increasingly adopted PRESTO cards, and devices were installed across the networks of all the participating transit agencies. In 2016 PRESTO implementation was completed on TTC buses streetcars and subway stations, with enhancements to PRESTO software and devices ongoing for the foreseeable future.   

PRESTO allows customers to use a single, seamless, integrated fare payment method across participating transit systems across the region, including bus, train and subway routes. This technology can be adopted by a variety of municipal transit partners serving large city populations, mid-sized urban centers or burgeoning suburban communities. 
Electronic readers scan the transit user's PRESTO farecard (which contains a passive RFID chip within the farecard) as they board their public transit vehicle or enter a station and deduct the appropriate fare or validate period passes - all within one-third of a second. 

Request for Proposal Issuance:  Preventive and Corrective Maintenance for Metrolinx Fare Management Devices  

Metrolinx will issue an Request for Proposal (“RFP”) through MERX around May or June, 2019, for the procurement of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance and related services for the Metrolinx Fare Management Devices. Interested proponents are encouraged to monitor the MERX Metrolinx website (www.merx.metrolinx.com) for additional information relating to this RFP procurement. 
This RFP will encompass maintenance services including the provision of the following: 

(a)    Preventive Maintenance;
(b)    Corrective Maintenance;
(c)    Spare Parts Management ;
(d)    Consumable Replenishment Management;
(e)    Reporting; and
(f)    Incident & Problem Management.

Additional Information: 

This pre-notice does not constitute a binding commitment on the part of Metrolinx to issue any or all of the referenced Request for Proposal or to proceed with any or all of the contemplated work. The statements and representations contained in this notice are not binding on Metrolinx. The contents of any Request for Proposal that may be issued may vary from the description of the projects, services, and deliverables as provided in this pre-notice. 

Contact Person: 

Eva Chow 
Procurement Specialist, Information Technology & Managed Services 
Procurement Services, Metrolinx 
Telephone No.: 416-202-5846 
Email: eva.chow@metrolinx.com 

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